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Ngo, Sarah

The Revolutionary E-Reader

E-readers are beginning to revolutionize the way we read, buy and sell books, textbooks and magazines. An e-reader is an electronic device that is used to read e-books, which are the digitalized form of any type of publication ranging from newspapers to novels. These handy devices allow readers to bring various types of publications around with them without having to physically carry or lug around such a heavy load. This is especially convenient for students who have to bring their large textbooks to class each day. We will further discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these devices as well as evaluating the top three most popular e-readers including the Amazon Kindle, the Apple iPad and the Sony E-Reader.

·         Large range of publications to choose from


·         Very light in weight and portable


·         Electronic texts are cheaper than regular texts


·         Environmentally friendly since e-readers/e-books don’t use paper and ink


·         Extremely convenient because it can be bought and downloaded immediately



·         Limited availability of books, not all books have been formatted to be e-books


·         Constant concern of battery life and recharging e-readers (i.e. e-readers cannot be charged at the beach)


·         Piracy and theft issues


·         E-readers don’t have the same effect when reading story books or picture books to children

·         Author’s artistic vision of physical book, such as type of paper used, special fonts, and hardcover, will be irrelevant

Amazon Kindle 
      • Web-browser with Wi-Fi
  • Text-to-Speech
  • No glare in bright sunlight
  • Up to one month battery life
  • PDF Reader – With dictionary lookup, notes, and highlights
  • Keyboard
  • Price: $139



Amazon Kindle Demo

        Apple iPad
  • Safari Web Browser
  • iPod plays mp3 music
  • AppStore
  • iBooks
  • Up to 12 hour battery life
  • Touch Screen
  • Price: starting at $499

Apple iPad Demo


            Sony Reader Pocket Edition
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Includes 12 dictionaries
  • Thinnest, lightest e-reader 5"
  • Up to two weeks battery life
  • Touch Screen
  • Price: 179.99

Sony Reader Pocket Edition Demo