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Stefan Falcon

Operations Support System (OSS)

Intro to what an operations support system is

    An Operations Support System are programs to help monitor and manage a network system, sometimes even analyze the network system. With networks becoming larger and larger everyday, high end and very sophisticated systems are needed to support them. Companies try to automate everyday jobs, they monitor and analyze things, they look at billing and tracking, ordering, usage frequencies and traffic patterns for the network and they also fix the mistakes within the networks itself.      

    In the video to the left the main topics she talks about are assurance, fulfillment, and billing as the main parts to Operations Support Systems.     

    There is a need for Operations Support Systems because as in anything there can always be problems and there will need to be someone to fix it, and just to do general maintenance. Also support systems can help you find better ways to interact with your customers and have better relationships with them.    

    While I was doing research on Operations Support Systems there were other ways that the OSS can be called and that is a BSS, which is a Business Support System. They are not the same thing as I found out, but they usually go hand in hand in almost all the research that I did, they are very complimentary to each other. 
    The Business Support Systems are basically four core things. Product management, Customer Management, Revenue Management, and Order Management. 

    Here are some examples of each. For Product Management this takes care of everything that has to do with the product, from the development of the prototype to pricing that product to the sales of the product to the market. Customer management is the management of the customers after the product has already been sold, for example the 24 hour support line that companies have, this would be customer management because they are supporting the customer. Also when companies have the online help chats and help links those are also support systems for customers because not every company can be called 24 hours a day. Revenue Management is where the two (OSS and BSS) start to over lap a little. Because the Revenue Management part is overlooking the billing, charging and how and when the funds will be exchanged for the product. For Order Management there is usually the assurance aspect, making sure that the customers are happy with their purchase, making sure that the overall quality is up to par with the companies standards, and making the customer happy.

OSS/BSS Conference

    Before this project I did not know that OSS/BSS was a big thing, but this department is a very big part of the business industry, after all companies need to support other companies' networking problems. Here is a video from a conference about OSS/BSS and how big it can be and some people give their views on the conference.