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Sheena Kennedy

I am going to create a database as if for an animal shelter. As animals come in they will be assigned an identification number. They will be given a name as well, but for the databases' purpose, it will be more efficient to track them by number. This will be the primary table. It will link to other tables that will sort the animals by species. These individual tables will show all the general information about the animal such as date he/she arrived at the shelter, color, breed, weight, approximate age, area of domicile in the shelter, and a bound photo of the animal.
There will be another table for the veterinarian(s) who performs the check-ups on the animals. The database will allow the physician to easily enter the information from each check-up. It will also allow ease of access to the animal's health records. For example, a query could easily determine a specific animal's vaccination history, or any health trends within a specific area of the shelter. Another table will be provided for the volunteer workers who exercise and groom the animals. It will allow for easy logging of each animal's activity and date/time.

When an animal is adopted it is checked as so in the primary table. This will link to another table, which will list the information about the adoption such as: the name of the adopting family, brief family info, date of adoption, and status of fees and paperwork. When an animal is returned, their status is changed back in the primary table as active. This will also link to a returns table which will list new data upon the animals arrival such as any changes to the animal's health (linked from the veterinarian's table) as well as reason for return.