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Hung Tran

Human Resources Systems

Human Resource system is one of the most important departments in a business environment.  Human resource department are in charge of bringing together and maintaining the company's greatest assets, the people who work there. Innovation and the future of a company comes from the great minds that are hired by HR. 

While doing research it was easy to discover that there are many different areas that human resource have. This list about human resource can be found at Wikipedia:   
  1. Recruiting/Learning Management # Training System
      1. The greatest minds are created through mentor ship and training. Having a successful training program could lead to the next greatest trend and possibly the change the future of the whole world.
  2. HR management Information system
      1. When a human resource department has an effective communication system it creates opportunities to cut loses and productivity. 

  3. Work Time
      1. It is very crucial that employees know how much time an employee is required to work and paid time off
        1. Paid time off
        2. Sick days
        3. Holiday pay
  4. Appraisal performance
      1. Feedback is very important to a success for a employee. Employees need to know what kind of things they are good at and what they can improve on. 
      2. It could make a difference toward their next promotion. 
  5. Benefits Administration
      1. Clearly stating benefit allows the employees to have a peace of mind and allows them to focus on the effectiveness of the company. Personal problems outside of the work environment can affect the productivity dramatically. So having things like health, dental, vision, and retirement plans only improve the satisfaction of the employees who work there.
  6. Performance Record
      1. Keeping track of performance records could mean the difference of having that next promotion to cutting loses. 
      2. These records rewards those who are thriving through the company and provides a paper trail for management to make effective decisions.
  7. Payroll
      1. Communicating when wages are to be paid allows people to budget their expenses. 
      2. The discussion of how much a person is compensated with the combination of their performance record can help with negotiating a pay raise. 
  8. Employee Self-Service
      1. Employee self-service usually involves online software that allows employees to easily access their personal information. Some examples of self-service employees would look for would be (information came from unr.edu):
          1. W-4 tax form
          2. Pay verification information
            1. Live checks
            2. Direct deposit
          3. contact information of other employees (for work purposes)
          4. Updating personal information
            1. Phone number
            2. Job title
            3. Mailing Address
            4. Etc.

            Here are some great you-tube videos that may help employees find out more about what Human resource system:

YouTube Video


    In this video it will show an entertaining way to demonstrate what human resource is all about. The main thing that people dread about work is that they “Hate my job!” Through this video it will break down the problems that business may have and how to fix them. The video discusses each topic in great detail. There are huge amount of credibility coming from people from huge companies we all know like Mcdonalds, KFC, and the list goes on! 

YouTube Video

    How does a business attract the best people? Competition is intense. How do you stand out inside the crowd, employer brand. This video shows everyone that were truly in a different generation by demonstrating the transition from people marketing themselves to companies to now companies having to market themselves to be the best place for success. The reasons for the change are because of the disengaged employee that affect the overall cost in a company. Every decision made for and about the company affects the employees. The main things that business needs to do are to attract, maintain and motivate people. Employer branding is all about employee satisfaction and as a business to promise to be exactly who you state you are.  

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