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Chris Bisauta

XML vs Electronic Data Interchange
            XML is a great way that the user can now be the actual user and create a product of their own.  The basic idea is that HTML, the most common for of information being used over the internet is now being out used by other technologies, such as other technologies have more adacuite forms of information exchange over the internet.  XML, was introduced by the World Wide Web Consultorium which talks about the idea which sponsors the develops of web standards.  This is something where XML can separate what the user actually puts into the computer from what the user is actually intending to put in.  Before XML, it was only a rule oriented standard which was used in the respect for the organization but now the idea is being more free from the rules and is user friendly.   The general size and shape of the data is separated using XML.  What this boils down to
The Old way:
    30 YEARS AGO
    EDI: Used to standardize document formats for common business transactions........
More presently.. technology has been using
    Creates the difference between the computer and the user.
    The user has more control over the device that before.

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