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B2C, B2B, B2G Transactions

    Before the Business to Consumers ecommerce, people were doing businesses through phone, face-to-face or fax. However, the old style of doing business is not effective enough for the economic growth. Since the development of internet technology changed people’s life styles, more and more business persons prefer to do their businesses through internet. In certain way, business persons can low their cost for the physical property rental expense, which can increase their profit a lot. As more and more people have abilities to access the internet, businesses e-commerce has adjusted its treatment for each different kind of group. Normally, we define that Business to Consumers as doing businesses between companies and consumers; Business to Business as trading between companies; Business to Government as connecting companies with the government. Each type of e-commerce business has changed the way of doing business in that field.

    Before launching a Business to Consumers e-commerce company, business person should really think about their customers. A B2C company is not only just providing products for consumers but also offering different valuable options for consumers. How to attract more and more loyalty customers? The design of the website should be easy to access and convenient for customers to gather their shopping information. Because of social media’s fast growth, bad and good reputation can spread quickly through the internet. Therefore, B2C companies should seriously manage their website and handle their valuable customers. A good reputation can bring back more and more transactions to the company. Even though there is not a kind of calculation of reputation, customers know how they evaluate companies’ reputation.

    For Business to Consumers e-commerce, companies should keep these following points in mind:

  • Compared with other products, companies should provide the greatest advantages that the product or service
  • Try to locate the best type of customers who will be interested in the product.
  • Gather more and more demographic information and make some specific product or services for certain location in order to attract special customers.
  • Always encourage consumers to purchase more products on the website through different promotion. 
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Business-To Consumer: Normally, this type of transaction occurs between a company and a consumer based on an electronic network. B2C involves several activities such as customers gathering product information, purchasing information products or physical goods.


Business to Business e-commerce can exchange their products, services and other valuable information between businesses instead of between businesses and consumers. Business persons can find their potential partners through doing business with other businesses online. They can incorporate with other businesses to establish new businesses. Because of many types of businesses, there are some feature of website for B2B companies:

  • Company Web sites, the platform to demonstrate the whole company’s history, product, services and customer services.
  • Consumers may purchase their products through browsing the companies’ website. Some companies even create accounts for customers.
  • E-procurement, bringing a best deal to the company at desired website. A company purchasing agent can gather enough information online through comparing different prices from different companies, make purchases at a desired price.

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Business to Business: A type of the transaction occurs e-commerce between companies. Mostly, this type of B2B deals with relationships among businesses.

The B2B has two important components: E-markets and E-frastructure.

E-frastructure includes:

1. Web-based commerce

2. Auction solutions

3. Web-hosting, security software

4. logistics

B2B and B2C eBusiness features include:

  • Large amount of different products--Consumers can find their desired products through searching information online; companies can also find their suitable solutions through connecting other businesses online. 
  • No matter where you live or stay--B2B and B2C have successfully solved the distance problem between and among consumers and companies because the products will be shipped to the desired destination.
  • 24/7 service--Because of the convenience of network service, consumers and companies can order their products anytime they want.
  • Convenient Payment Methods--Consumers can choose Visa, Master, Paypal, Money order or any other type of payment method to pay their products.
  • B2B and B2C sales keep growing bigger--As more and more people trust e-commerce and get benefits, the market of B2B and B2C will grow quickly.

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Business to Government e-commerce: A type of transaction occurs between companies and the public sector.B2G uses the internet for public sector to handle licensing procedures,public procurement and any other government-related operations. Government always is the most important factor, leading the role in establishing e-commerce and placing the biggest order.

Goverment purchasing agents can select their desired products through requesting information from different companies online. The purchasing agents are able to compare the prices with other companies' prices, which can low the expense and meet the budget. In order to get the purchase order, companies need to provide the most valuable products with low prices. On the other hand, the government purchasing agents can get the most suitable products or services with lowest cost ever.


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