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Holmes,Milan Lawrence

            Application Software Market

    Application Software is a program or a group of programs created for specific uses.  Supported by a computer’s operating system, it allows users to directly and thoroughly perform tasks to achieve the user’s overall goal. Application Program Examples: Word processors (Microsoft word), image and video editing programs (windows media player), communication programs (Skype), web browsers (Firefox). Application Programs can be found in other devices other than computers as well. With present technology such as smart phones, iPods, iPads, and gaming devices, application software has enhanced the possibility to perform task we once could only imagine. Application software is sometimes compared with system software and middleware.  System software and middleware helps to manage and bring together a computer’s capabilities; however they only serve the user directly. Instead system software and middleware only benefit the application, and through the application, the user will benefit.Application systems applies to a specific system or a specific purpose. Examples of this can be seen in the different types of application software that can be found on an apple computer system and not in a windows operating system. Application systems vary from product to product; however they help benefit all users by providing a way to perform specific tasks.

            Horizontal Market Software


Horizontal market software is a application software that can be used in various different industries. Horizontal market software, which is also known as productivity software, allows users to perform tasks specific to business or personal use. An example of horizontal software would be web browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome. You can find these in a wide range of products because they are needed for a wide range of uses. A college student may need the Internet browser to watch YouTube videos, while a lawyer may need an Internet browser to research past court decisions. Horizontal software are web browsers, word processors, or any software that users across many industries need. Developers of software have a wide customer base of users, but they also face strong competition with many other software developers in the industry. A horizontal market is a group of customers who share similar needs.horizontal market software is created for a wide range of users; therefore horizontal market software lacks customization. 

Vertical Market Software


Vertical Market Software can be thought of as the opposite of Horizontal Market Software.  Like horizontal software, vertical software are programs used to complete task. However in contrast, vertical software are custom programs developed for specific users, and vary from industry to industry. Vertical Software is developed specifically to fit industry needs, and resolve specific industry problems. Like a Horizontal Software Market, Vertical Software too experiences competition amongst developers; however in a well defined segment. Vertical Market Software participants try competing amongst them, by developing software that can fit the needs of a vertical market. Although a company may not be able to afford customized software tailored to their business, they still may purchase vertical market software developed. Customized vertical market software may be s timekeeping/payroll system for a company’s compensation program.