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Dea,Vincent Allen

CPU,Memory, Storage

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What is a CPU( Central Processing Unit)?

In today's tech world many people know what a CPU is, but for those who do not know the CPU is the brain of the computer it controls the functions of hardware inside a computer such as hard drives, RAM, and the motherboard.
There are different types of CPU with different number of cores, which are single, dual, or quad cores.  Cores is what finishes the task and depending on the task the more cores the better, for example for basic usage a single or dual will be sufficient, but for video and photo editing  or gaming you will want to get a quad core CPU which can compute and finish the task faster.

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What is Memory (RAM)?

Memory is one of the most essential  parts in a computer it stores certain data which allows the CPU to access it faster. RAM works with the CPU and Hard drive as team in order for your computer to work.  Lets look at these three items as a kitchen, the CPU as your cabinets, the RAM as your pantry, and the Hard drive as your supermarket.  Now imagine your cooking, your cabinets can not hold a lot, so you go to the pantry but your pantry is too small which you have to leave some ingredients at the supermarket.  It goes the same way with your computer, you have the processor if it needs information it reaches into the memory, if your memory is small you have to store data onto the hard drive. By making so many trips to the hard drive you spend a lot of time doing that.  So what is the best way to speed things up?  that is to increase the size of your memory, the bigger the size the faster the CPU can access that random memory quicker.

There are many different types of RAM.  SDRAM, DDR, and DIMM.  What normal people use in their computers for desk tops are DDR. 

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What is Storage? ( Hard Drives)

Hard drives is where all your data is stored for future use.  Everything is store here from your operating system, programs, music, and pictures.  The data on hard drives can be erased and overwritten, these devices are non volatile meaning it does not need a constant power supply in order to retrieve the data. 

All hard drives come in different platters.  Platters are a disk like object that is coated with special magnetic coating which allows the device to store the data magnetically.

There are many different capacities of hard drives.  You can purchase hard drives that have 40GB to 3TB.  (gigabytes and Terra bytes)

Speeds of Hard drives are usually shown as RPM is means revolutions per minute.  The higher the RPM the faster the data can be read from the platters and with higher RPM performance is increased.  Usually higher RPM hard drives are used for corporate use in servers.  Hard drive speed can be found between 5,400 to 10,000 RPM.