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Bass,Danielle Louise

Windows, Mac OS, Unix and Linux

Windows is the operating system created to be used on PC computers, but now can also be used on Mac computer. Windows became available on November 20, 1985.  Chase Bishop who was a computer scientist, designed the first model of an electronic device and project called "Interface Manager." He did that in 1981, but the Windows 1.0 didn't come out until 1985. Windows uses Intel technology. Windows has a lot of common applications that everyone uses on their computer: Microsoft Office which includes Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Every person who has a computer uses Word to type their documents. Business people are the most common users of Windows with about more 95% using Windows. Over the years Windows has improved as the technology has changed and gotten better.  As of right now Windows 7 is the latest system but Windows 8 will coming out soon. From the YouTube video the changes are bigger and better. 

Windows 8

Mac OS

In today's market Windows may have 95% of business users, but Mac users have gone up each year. Mac computers have become more popular each year.  Most of the people I know use a Mac and not a PC.  In a classroom at SJSU about 70%+ of the students have Macs. Why is a Mac so great?  Mac computers have a software called Mac OS. Mac is under Apple Computer Inc.  According to Using MIS but David M. Kroenke he says that most Mac OS users are graphic artists and art community. Well that may be true another big percentage of Mac users are students.  As state before more than half of students in a classroom have Mac computers.  Mac computers have changed before 2006 Mac's ran on PowerPC, but now Macs are ran on Intel. Now that the computer Intel a Mac computer is able to run both Windows and Mac OS making the computer a duo computer. Mac OS has allowed users to do what a PC computer can do as well.  Applications for the iPhone, iPad, computer and other phones are being made with Mac OS software. When Steve Jobs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_jobs died earlier this year it shocked and changed the face of Apple.

Mac OS and Steve Jobs

In 1969 a man named Bell Labs developed the operating system Unix.  The main idea behind Unix is users can use an arcane language for manipulating files and data. These users would mostly be engineers, computer assisted design, and architectures.  They need an operating system that can handle a large amount of numbers in different programs especially in building programs or houses. Sun Microsystems is the main company who uses Unix. Today Unix is owned by AT&T. Bell Labs at the time of building Unix was an employee of AT&T. Unix has a graphical user interface (GUI).  It is stable, multi-user, multi-tasking system for servers, desktops and laptops. Three parts; the kernel, the shell and the programs make up the Unix operating system. The kernel is the hub of the system. Its hold the memory and time of the system. Next is the Shell. The shell acts as an crossing point between the user and the kernel. When a person logs in to an account, the login program checks the username and password, which then starts another program called the shell. The shell also keeps tracking of what you commands you have done. Anything done in Unix is either a document or a process. 

What is Unix?


The major thing about Linux is that no one company developed it. Linux was developed by the open source community.  They are volunteers who take their time to code and maintain Linux. "Over 1,000 developers, from at least 100 different companies, contribute to every kernel release." The best part about Linux is that it is free! Linux has a primary proponent company, IBM. IBM does not own Linux, but has developed business systems solutions that Linux uses. Over the years Linux has increasingly growing to where it now powers the New York Stock Exchange, mobile phones, supercomputers and consumer devices.

What is Linux?

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